Speak to a Doctor

Protect yourself against HPV and cervical cancer. Find a clinic closest to you and set up an appointment to speak with your doctor about vaccination and screening.

Questions to ask your doctor

Your doctor or health care professional is one of your most important resources for information and guidance on HPV and cervical cancer. Below are some helpful questions you can take along to your next appointment to get the conversation started.

  1. What will HPV do to my body?
  2. Am I going to die if I get infected by HPV?
  3. How long does HPV last?
  4. Is HPV contagious?
  5. I work long hours and get little sleep. Does this increase my chances of getting HPV and cervical cancer?
  6. Can I get HPV even if my partner and I have protected sex?
  7. If I am older than the recommended age for HPV vaccination, what can I do to prevent HPV infection?
  8. I have been sexually active for a number of years. Is it too late to get vaccinated?
  9. If I am in between the vaccination treatment, can I still get infected with HPV?
  10. What happens if I miss a dosage of the HPV vaccination?
  11. Is the HPV vaccine for men too?
  1. How often should I go for a Pap smear?
  2. If I eat well, exercise and look after my health do I still need to go for pap smears or the HPV vaccine?
  3. I haven’t dated anyone in a long time due to my busy work schedule. Do I still need to go for Pap smears?
  4. Are Pap smears still necessary if I have already received the HPV vaccine?
  5. What should I expect during and after a Pap smear test?
  6. Should I ever stop going for Pap smear tests?
  7. Do I still need to do Pap smears if I’m in menopause?
  1. Why should I get a Pap smear or HPV vaccination? I’ve been with the same partner for a long time.
  2. What is the recommended age to get my child vaccinated?
  3. If I have HPV, how can I prevent others from being infected?
  4. Am I eligible for HPV vaccinations? Until what age can I get vaccinated?
  5. Can I still go for a HPV vaccination while I am breastfeeding my child?
  1. Will my baby get infected if I’m a HPV carrier?
  2. I didn’t know I was pregnant when I received the first dose of HPV vaccine. Will my baby be affected by it?
  3. When should I continue receiving the remaining two doses of HPV vaccine, if I accidentally received my first dose during my pregnancy?
  4. Can I still go for the HPV vaccination while I’m breastfeeding my child?
  1. At what age should my children receive the HPV vaccine?
  2. Does my son need the HPV vaccine?
  3. My children aren’t sexually active. Do they still need the HPV vaccine?
  4. Can my children get the HPV vaccine when they receive other preteen vaccines?


Find a clinic closest to you and set up an appointment to speak with your doctor about vaccination and screening.