Genevieve Sambhi was a young mom when she received the devastating news: she had cervical cancer. But she’s a survivor today thanks to early detection.


Ai Ling learnt she developed cervical cancer from an infection she had never heard of. Now, she is a survivor who champions HPV vaccination for all women.

HPV and Cervical Cancer

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection and is the cause of more than 99% of cervical cancer cases. Cervical cancer is the tenth most common cancer among Singaporean women. A new case is diagnosed every two days, and one woman loses the fight against cervical cancer every five days in Singapore12. While the disease is most common among women aged 45-54, all ages are at risk once they are sexually active12.

You can protect yourself

Getting infected with HPV is more common than you might think. The good news is there are two easy steps you can take to protect yourself.